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Aims & Goals


  1. To recognise Jesus Christ as Head of the Church
  2. To encourage recognition of all true belivers as Members of the Body of Christ
  3. To emphasise, encourage, and promote Apostolic Ministry
  4. To encourage the responsibility of fulfilling the Great Commission, the spread of the Gospel, and the evangelism of the nations.
  5. To promote unity and fellowship among all the Members of the Body of Christ
  6. To provide means and ways by which the above objectives can be obtained
  7. To provide such services as may be necessary to the affiliated autonomous Churches, Ministries, and Ministers achieving the foregoing



Our goal is to create through Logos Christian Ministries International, a forum that will promote dialogue between its members, regardless of background, at a spiritual level as well as practical.

It is not our purpose to try and define creeds or doctrines for any church or ministry, but to provide a place and opportunity for dialogue. It is not our goal to usurp the authority of any other organisation or any denomination to which members may belong, only to provide needed services to each. We firmly believe in the autonomy of each individual Church and Minstry.